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September 5th:

Loads of news! Hayley's puppies have turned one year old, on august 24!! Congrats to Alfonso, Brutus, Birk, Noah, Elle, Hermine, Nemi, Chanel and My! Chanel have gained her Austrian Junior Champion-title, before the age of 1! Hermine and Noah has both got the Big-CC (CC from international shows, you need at least one in additon to the national CC's needed to become Norwegian Champions after the age of 2), at only 1 year and 4 days old. Noah also got res.CC for cockerspecialist at a spaniel special-show, and CC and BOS at 9 months of age! 

We have got a new edition to our kennel, an import from Finland, Heart Rock Call Me, Vilja, she is co-owned with Kristian Løvbugt and is living with him and Elle in Trondheim.                                             ------>

We have been looking after Brutus this summer, while his family where on vacation in the USA, and we are happy to see that he has a lovely temperament and is looking very much like his mother!

Hayley made us very proud at Tromsø international dog show, she became Best Of Breed with CACIB for spanielspecialist, and later she won group 8!! 






January 22.nd:

A new day at a puppy show, (Norwegian Boxer Club, judge: Arne Foss, authorized on Cocker Spaniel and allround-judge!).

Hermine's (Icefern Ice Ice Baby) debut in the ring, and she followed up on her brothers results last weekend, becoming BOB and BOG-4 in a big and strong group! Noah (Icefern It's Like That) was BOS. But most fun was all the nice words from the judge about our youngsters, including that these two could win anywhere in this country. :D

Also huge congrats to Nemi (Icefern It Feels So Good) becoming BOB and BOG-2 at a puppy show in Follo!! Congrats Nemi and Ingrid!! :) 







January 16th. 2011:

Yesterday it was the show debut for puppies from our litter (Norw. Chow Chow Club, judge: Vibeke Paulsen, kennel Statesman (am.cocker)).

Noah (Icefern It's Like That) best male, BOB and BOG-4!

Elle (Icefern I'll Be Missing You) and owner Kristian Løvbugt became BOS!












october 17th.2010:

Mia wins the bronse medal in the club championship in tracking, in Selbu, after an exciting super bronse-finale against the Dalmatian Jubi and Short Haired Collie Jelly. Goldwinner is Flat Coated Ask and silver goes to Cocker Tuva.








september 4th.2010:

Trym wins CC and becomes BOS at Steinkjer National Dog show, judge Ann-Christin Johansson, Sweden. BOB and BOG-3 to his half sister Hotsteps Catch Me If You Can -"Tingeling".
















august 24th.2010:

Hayley gives birth to 10 puppies (she had 11 puppies in her belly, but one was dead before birth), 5 males (3 orange roans + 2 red/whites) and 5 females (4 orange roans + 1 red/white), sadly we lost one of the males after a few days (one orange roan), but 9 puppies lives and growes up nicely!! Hayley is an excellent mom with tons of natural instincts.











Hayley is now in her 7th pregnancy week, and has maksimum 2.5 weeks left of her pregnancy! And she definitly has puppies in her belly, because she's getting bigger and bigger every day. :)

Last weekend we participated in the club championship in wild game tracking in Selbu with Mia and Trym. Mia recieved a great price with a super critique! And Trym, who was entered for the first time, got a lot (!) of footsteps and other activities from moose in the beginning of his track, so he used all his energy to check them out, and got warm (it was a hot day too) and tired in the middle of the track, he was allowed to find the finish with some help from the person who made the track, but of course he could not get a price. :) And the judge said that it was

a pitty that the moose had a party in the beginning, because Trym was a

promising tracking dog. :)



Hayley is now in the end of her first trimester in her pregnancy. If she's pregnant we still don't know, but every early signs are present! Yesterday she threw up, and that is something she never does normally. Her nipples are pink and bigger, and she wants to be close to me all the time (but she's like that normally..). We are going to the veterinarian in a week or so to check if there are any puppies in her belly. So fingers crossed!! 








Hayley becomes BIS-working (and 5th best bitch) for judge Jostein Halvorsen at NSK avd. Trøndelags dog show in Trondheim. Trym is best dog at the same show.
















Hayley was mated on june 26. with Ch. Casein's Campania (Brutus). More about the choise of male under "planned litters" and "present litters".

Brutus is the male we had planned to use for Hayleys second litter, but lots of circumstances made him the sire of our first litter (hopefully). :)

So hopefully we expect beautiful, healthy orange roans or red/white puppies with a lot of show temperament (if you have seen Brutus in the ring, you know what I mean) late august.

In the meantime, Trym has been with his breeder to the World Dog Show in Denmark, with a great result! Excellent both days, and placed

as 4th. best dog in the lovely intermediate class on the world winner

show!! Thanks to Geir for showing and trimming him, and to Ingunn and

Bjørn for bringing him to Denmark!!




Still no season for Hayley, but she is still within her normal schedule (but now the season should be right around the corner! Or else.. :P). I belived she would follow Mia, as she has always done that, but since we now have a male in the house we separeted Mia from the others, so maybe Hayley did not get so influated by Mia as before.. I will tell you all imidiatly as Hayley comes into season! :) Trym has been to a international dog show, winning the youth class with HP (price of honour), Hayley was not entered, and yesterday at a national dog show, he won the youth class with CK (CC-Quality) and beacme male! Hayley acted like a foolish youngster (season coming up??) but managed

to get her CK and became 4th best bitch for breed specialist Chris Laverty.




Mia came into season today! So hopefully Hayley will come into

season very soon (they allways follow each other with only

about one week)! Exciting! :)



Tryms mother, NUCH Casein's She Bangs, have been optigentestet

Normal/Clear for prcd-PRA, so Trym is Normal/Clear for prcd-PRA by





Hayley celebrated her 3rd. birthday today, happy birthday to our princess!! She got raw meat, a lot of cuddles and playtime for her birthday present.

Yesterday Hayleys optigen result was ready, and she is Normal/clear for prcd-PRA. So the puppies after Hayley and Aladdin will be Normal/clear for both prcd-PRA and FN trough parents!







Lots of news, planned puppies are updated, Hayley is tested FN Normal/clear at Antagene and her eyes are checked clear at the vet. Trym has been x-rayed with A-hips and eye checked clear!

Exiting news from England, the litter brother of Hayleys partner-to-be, has recieved CC and BIS at West of England Cocker Spaniel Club's Open Show! Congratulations to kennel Manchela!

Photo: Hayleys partner-to-be Manchela Born Blue (Photo:Hotsteps)-->





Merry Christmas everybody!!

We are spending the christmas holidays in northern Norway, where the sun don't come up during the days, and it's cold and snowy. And the dogs loves it!! :) It's Trym's first christmas with us and he's behaving great, the christmas tree is left in peace, and all the decorations is just sniffed on. :)

Merry Christmas to all of our friends! Hope to see you in 2010, we are looking forward to this exciting year. ;)







Just finished the last dog show in Norway this year, at Dogs4All in Lillestöm, the Norwegian Winnershow. Hayley got her CC-quality abd a great critique, in a huge champion class, with no belly coat (happy it's no more shows this year, now we can grow out some coat..)  Trym came 2.nd in junior class, with HP (Price of Honour). Judge was Swedish Karin Brostam-Berglund.  48 cockers entered this show.




Enjoying some time off in the beautiful autumn fields.

Congratulations to Hayley and Tryms half sister: NUCh Casein's Caves of Bermuda, who became Swedish Show Champion this weekend!

Congratulations Hotsteps!!







National dog show at Orkdal in Norway, judge was  Elena Tripoli Ukhabina from Russia, who loved our cockers by the way. ;) It became a sibling gathering at the top of the results, Trym won the junior class, then became best male with his first CC, and in the end he finished as BOS. Hayley became 2nd. best bitch, only beaten by her and Trym's half sister: NUCh Casein's Caves of Bermuda (Poccis, who ended up as BOB and BOG-4, congratulations Hotsteps!)

                                                      Photo: Ingunn Morseth-->




Trym celebrated his first birthday october 28th, happy birthday to our favorite boy!!

Millions of thank you's for all the congratulations we have recived since Hayley became Champion!! We really appreciate it!! Hugs for all of you! :)










Another weekend with dog shows. Kennel Icefern and kennel Hotsteps traveled by car 1200 km. (one way) to Tromsö, north in Norway, to enter our dogs in one national and one international show. On saturday (national) Hayley became 3rd. best bitch and Trym 2.nd best dog. On sunday (international) Trym became 3rd. best dog from junior class, only beaten by champions! Hayley became 2.nd best bitch with CC and res.CACIB, and became Norwegian Show Champion!! BOB was Tryms beautiful dad and Hayleys half brother NUCH Blue Satin Just In Time, and BOS was Hayley and Tryms half sister NUCH Casein's Caves of Bermuda. Congratulations! Trym was placed just behind the CC both days, soo close.. :)






To day all our dogs was entered in the club championship in tracking in Selbu, 12 dogs was entered in total, and Hayley ended as silver medalist after an exciting final Trym and Mia shared the 5th. place!  The winning dog was Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever "Remus", and 3rd. was English Springer Spaniel "Luna". Congratulations!!!







Mia is celebrating her 7th birthday!!

Happy birthday to our grand old lady!








International dog show at Hamar in Norway, judge was Kenneth Edh from Sweden.  Trym's first time out in junior class, and he came in 2nd. with HP (price of honour).

Hayley was acting all crazy and happy and came in 3rd. in the open class.








Still enjoying some time off from the show ring, Trym has been working in the kinder garden, cleaning up the mess after a bunch of 1 year olds having lunch. :D




                                           "A kizz for Donald Duck" --->

                                            Photo: WeRK







Enjoying some time off from the show ring, just running around in the woods, swimming and retrieving.

Hayley and Tone has spent a weekend at a Spaniel Hunting course in Selbu, Hayley really enjoyes hunting training, and seems to have a lot of talent for it too!











International dog show in Svenstavik, Sweden. Hayley ended as 2nd. best bitch with res.CACIB, only beaten by DK(U)Ch Dan L's Dollar Diva.

BOB (+CC and CACIB) for Ozzy Black Petrs and BOS (+CC and CACIB) for

DKU(u)CH Dan L's Dollar Diva.  Congratulations!








Trym became Best Of Breed Puppy with HP (price of honour) at a kennel club show in Sweden!

BOS: Tans &Tins Angeleyes Orange (Lucy)

Hayley came in 2nd. in the open class with a CC-quality (the judge did not give out to many CC-qualitys, that's for sure).

Happy Summer!!









Gametracking trial in Selbu!

27 dogs was entered, 9 dogs got 1st.price (3 got HP), 5 got 2nd.price, 1 got 3rd.price and 12 got 0 price (did not finish the trail).

Mia got her well erned 1st. price together with Kristian for the first time. Hayely, who is very inexperienced in tracking, was a litle bit to eager to track so it went a bit fast so she got a 2nd. price. But very happy with that! 

Congratulations to cocker-Pippi for being the trials winning dog!! 5 cockers was entered and all of them finished with a price!




New home page!!





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