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In Memory of Mia

Norwegian Tracking Champion Blue Satin Into My Arms

05.10.2002 - 21.07.2014

INTUCH NORDUCH (NUCH SEU(u)CH FINUCH) Blue Satin Keep Looking At Me (Hayley) is at the moment the only Cocker Spaniel in Norway with approved FCI-title International Beauty Champion!!!

Happy!!! :)



08.december: Fun in the snow! :)







Lille My / Kelly

Icefern In These Arms (10 weeks)



Dog festival (All breed national show) september 1st:

INTUCH NORDUCH (NUCH SEU(u)CH FINUCH) Blue Satin Keep Looking At Me (Hayley) best female and BOS.

(BOB was GBSHCH NUCH SEU(u)CH Manchela Born To Be Wild JW, congrats to kennel Hotsteps!)

Judge was well known Hans Lehtinen from Finland.

Photo: Hotsteps









Has been a year without puppies and dog shows, as we have been enjoying our baby boy. :)





24.feb: News!

8.feb: News, Vilja has A-hips!! :)

17.jan: News!



24.dec: News!

16.nov: We are planning puppies!! More to come soon!!!

29.april: News.

14.april: New pictures of Vilja in her page, 10 months old.

22.jan: News!

08.jan: New newspage! The dogs have new pics at their pages.



26 april: Newsblog, photogallery.

18.feb: Another album under Gallery, Icefern I-Litter.

08.feb: Album updated under Gallery, new pics of the puppies.

07.feb: New album under Gallery.

22.jan: News, new pic. of Birk on his page! More coming!

16.jan: News, Gallery, Puppies, Noah and Elle's pages updated!

05.jan: Chanel, Elle, Nemi and Alfonso's pages are ready - "Our Dogs"



23.des: All the puppies are sold.

21.des: Brutus & Birk have got their own pages under "Our Dogs"

25.sept: Photos of the puppies, 4 weeks old, see present litter!!

29.july: Puppy-blog created (the text is also in English). :)

23.july: Hayley was confirmed pregnant at the veterinarian to day!

26.june: Hayley is mated! Look under planned and present litters!

13.june: Litter planned at the end of august, see puppies - planned litters!

20.feb: Trym is Normal/Clear for prcd-PRA!! Look at News!

11.feb: Hayley is optigentested for prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear!!

22.jan: Planned litter updated!!

22.jan: Hayley is antagene tested for FN: Normal/clear!!

19.jan: Trym has A-hips (excellent)!!

26.des: Blog updated, photos from northern Norway.

07.nov: Trym got CC and became BOS! Hayley 2.nd best bitch.

26.oct: New champion! Hayley NUCh!

17.oct: Hayley silver medalist at Club Championship in tracking!

09.aug: Mia got a 1.price at the Club Championship in gametracking!

02.aug: Hayley 2.nd best bitch with res.CACIB in Sweden!

14.july: Trym BOB Puppy in Sweden!

22.june: New home page!!






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