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        8 weeks         

Born:  24.08.2010

Colour:  Orange Roan



prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear  (by parents)


Sire:  NORDUCH (N, S, DK UCH) SloUCH NORDV-10 Casein's Campania

Dam:  NUCH Blue Satin Keep Looking At Me

Owners: Ingrid Syversen, Oslo

Breeder:  Tone G. Larsen og Kristian Isaksen, kennel Icefern.


*BOB and BOG-4 puppy (13.march.2011, Drammen Dog Festival, judge: Anne-Cathrine Unelsrød)

*BOB and BOG-2 puppy (22.jan.2011, Follo Brukshundklubb, judge: Anne-Marit Traaholt)





About Nemi:

Nemi was the first puppy to leave us, and is now living with her cocker friend Scott in Oslo, she will be trained in agility when she is old enough. Reports from her new home is that she is openminded, outgoing and happy, with a mind of her own. :) 


BOB puppy 6,5 months old! Photo: Eva Tønnessen.



                       8 weeks                                       Nemi the day before leaving



 8 weeks                                             8 weeks



 8 weeks                                             8 weeks


 5 weeks

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