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21 months           

Born:  24.08.2010

Colour:  White/red

Hips:  A (Excellent)

Eyes:  Clear (february-13)

prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear  (by parents)

FN: Normal/Clear (Antagene aug. 2013)

Sire:  NORDUCH (N, S, DK UCH) SloUCH NORDV-10 Casein's Campania

Dam:  NUCH Blue Satin Keep Looking At Me

Breeder:  Tone G. Larsen og Kristian Isaksen, kennel Icefern.


*CC and BOS from juniorclass (Orkdal Hundeklubb. 12.11.2011. Judge: Rony Doedijns, Holland)

*Big CC and 2BM from juniorclass, NKK Tromsø. 28.08.2011. Judge: Anne L. Buvik, knl.Stormbird, (Eng. Springer)

*res.CC and 2.BM from juniorclass, NSK Trøndelag, 03.07.2011. Judge: Rudy Feyaerts, knl. Billsor(Cocker Spaniel), Belgium)

*CC and BOS from juniorclass (Trondheim Hundefestival. 29.05.11. Judge: Rui Oliveira, Portugal)

*BOS puppy (Steinkjer HK, Steinkjer. 14.05.11. Judge: Kristin Hoff, knl. Courtborne)

*BOS puppy  (Norw. Boxer Club, 22.01.11. Judge: Arne Foss)

*BOB and BOG4 puppy (Norw. Chow Chow Club, 15.01.11, judge: V.Paulsen, knl. Statesman)




About Noah:

At 1 year and 4 days old, Noah has gained the CC's needed (one international and one national) for his Norwegian Championship before the age of 2, now he only needs one more CC from a national show after his second birthday! :)

He's a short, compact boy with huge ribs and a lovely coat-quality.

Noah is allways happy, full of true Cocker-attitude, allways wagging his tail, loves training and retrieving, our dream boy. :)





    World Dog Show-2012, Noah res-CC!             Club Show-2012 (Anif, Austria), Noah CC!

Photo: Sonja Göschl                                            Photo: Petr Studnik



Club Show-2012 (Unterhaching, Germany) Noah res-CC!

Photo: Peter Ljewski.



Noah in Germany!


Noah gets CC and becomes best male.

Mom-Hayley becomes Best of Breed, and wins the group at Orkdal in november-2011.


Noah loves to retrieve!!


9 months



Noah gets CC and becomes best male at Støren, may-2011.            Easter-2011                        

BOB is his half-sister Ch. Casein's Rioja                                               



                Noah, 4.5 months old, and first time in the show ring. :)             Foto: C.Forseth



Noah - 3,5 mnd. gammel.


10 weeks



10 weeks old                                      7,5 weeks old

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