Hayley 2 år.             

Born:  12.02.2007

Colour:  Orange Roan

Hips:  A (Excellent)

Eyes:  Clear (04.10.2014) by ECVO-diplomate and eye specialist in Sweden. 

prcd-PRA: Normal/Clear  (Optigen feb. 2010)

FN: Normal/Clear (Antagene jan.2010)

Sire:  Bomway Coldplay

Dam:  NUCH Blue Satin Greate Shade O' Blue

Breeder:  Aud-Jorun Nysted and Kjell-I. Larsen, Kennel Blue Satin.



International Champion

Nordic Champion

Finnish Champion

Best Champion with CC at Club Show in Unterhaching, Germany. May-2012

4th best champion at World Dog Show in Salzburg, Austria. May-2012.

Kennel Club Group-Winner, Tromsø 28.08.11!! 

Group Winner at Orkdal nat. november 2011 (group 7+8 together!!)!

Norwegian Champion!

Swedish Champion! 

9 x CC (Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany),

4 x CACIB (In Finland, Norway and Sweden), 

2 x res.CACIB in Norway,

1 x res.CACIB in Sweden, 

Several BOB, 

Several BOS,

Best In Show-hunting merits in Sweden nov-2011!

Best In Show3-hunting merits in Sweden nov-2011!

BOG-3, BOG-4,

Excellent at World Dog Show-2008, a lot of best bitch placements,

Best In Show-hunting class 2010!

Puppy: BIS-3, BOB and BOS.

Working: Passed Hunting ability test for Spaniels (has her WCC), Silver medalist at Club Championship in Tracking STBK 2009, 2nd. price in gametracking. 



About Hayley: 

After falling in love with the breed Cocker Spaniel, we decided that only one Cocker is way to few, so we got our orange roan crazy girl, a tiny speedy gonzales with a lot of working ability and a very promising eksterior from kennel Blue Satin in 2007.  

In 2008 she passed her hunting ability test for Spaniels (qualifies for WCC), with a great critique, and in 2009 she became Norwegian Show Champion! She has a lot of what we are looking for in a Cocker Spaniel, her pedigree is full of English blood, and she has both brains and beauty. Everything Hayley does happens at high speed and she allways gives 110% of herself. She has a very good temperament, sweet and gentle, but is very stubborn and full of attitude.  She is a "mummys girl" and loves to work, she retrieves everything (a bit cleptomaniac), loves to swim, has a excellent search in the fields, and is very good in tracking.

Do we love this girl to pieces or what?! :)

Hayley had her first litter autumn 2010, and we are really happy with them and are looking forward to see them develop!



             Hayley at the WDS in Austria and at the Club Show in Unterhaching, Germany.


Highlight of the year in 2011!! Hayely von group 8 at Norwegian Kennel Klub's international in Tromsø!

Judge: Anne Buvik

Photo: Lars Åke Andersen,


Hayley Best In Show-hunting merits in Frösön, Sweden

among lots of lovely dogs! Judge: Yvonne Jaussi.

Photo: Marie Johannsson


Hayley won a huge group 8 (and group 7 included) at Orkdal, november 2011

for judge Rony Doedijns!


Hayley BOB and BIG at Orkdal november 2011, for Rony Doedijns.

BOS was her son, Noah (Icefern It's Like That) 


Hayley CC, SEU(u)CH, CACIB and BOS at Sundsvall Int. for Nina Karlsdotter.

BOB: Ch. Line Sam A Hug For Piece

Photo: Anneli Hulten


Hayley CACIB, BOB and BIG at NKK Tromsø, august 2011 for Anne Buvik

BOS: Ch. Manaca's Yesterdays Yesman



Hayley Best In Show-hunting NSK avd. Trøndelag 2010.


   Hayley 2,5 years old and Norwegian Champion!!  Photo: Hotsteps.



02.08.2009:  Hayley, 2.nd best bitch with res.CACIB in Svenstavik (Sweden)

     Photo: Elin Larsen!



         Hayley 2 years old.                                                     Hayley 18 months old.   Photo: Elin Larsen 



Hayley was the cover girl at "Våre Spaniels"              And cover girl at the web page ""

number 1 2009  VS = the club magasin for           (in relations with a photo competition) 

Norwegian Spaniel Club                                         Photo: Wenche Krogstad)

(Photo: Wenche Krogstad)                    


Hayley is the covergirl at "brukshundspalten" for the   Hayley passed the hunting ability test for Spaniels. 

Norwegian Spaniel Club   

(picture from NSK's web pages, clikk on the photo)

Photo: Runar Munkhaug


Hayley CC and BOS for Leif-Herman Wilberg           Best intermidiate female at Norwegian Winner-08

Orkdal 2008 (BOB Manaca's Meet Your Match)                                                            

Hayley CC and BOB for Kenneth Edh, S                CC and BOB and BIG-3 for Salvatore Tripoli, It

               (Steinkjer 2008, no BOS)                       (Støren 2008, BOS: Rainstorm's Be My Guest)      

Photo: Vanja Sliwa                                         Photo: P.M. Børseth

Hayley CC and BOB for Frank Christiansen         CC and BOB and BIG-4 for Deirdre Dinneen, Irl

Oppdal 2008 (BOS Häljans Lets Talk About Rumours)              Oppdal 2008 (no BOS)                   



Hayley at hunting training, retrieving a rabbit. Photo: V.Sagmyr                Hayley 2,5 months old!



                 Hayley 8 weeks old.  Photo: Blue Satin                                 Hayley 9 weeks old.


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